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There are many different stages that you will see, when it comes to training a dog. There are young puppies that will need the basics, all the way up to dogs that perform services and need advanced training sessions. Where your dog is in the mix of it all, will great depend on their age and their position in life. If this does is destined to become a wonderful family pet, then they will not need extensive or specialized training. If the dog is slated to become a guard dog or a rescue dog, then this training is going to be in the cards no doubt.

Making The Grade

Training a dog is something that really is rather unpredictable, in that you never really know from dog to dog how long it is going to take. Some dogs get it immediately, while others take some time. This is no different than people really, as we all have our own specific learning curve. Much of the time that it will take for the dog to make the grade, will depend on the trainer as well.

f the trainer is inexperienced, then you can expect that the training will take longer than if the trainer is a seasoned pro. Where the dog is in all of this will be decided by these few factors. You can always teach a dog something new, yet how they receive the information is basically up to the specific dog.

All In Time

One thing you will quickly catch on to when doing dog training, is that you have to do everything with a level of time sensitivity. This means that nothing should be rushed when it comes to the training sessions, and you should never expect that the dog is completely ready to move on to the next level.

If you rush the dog, you may find that the dog will start to go back to old undesirable habits. This means that the dog could start jumping on you again, or the dog could make messes in the home. This regression is something that happens from time to time, yet it can be traced back to hurried training if it becomes frequent. Take some time to understand what it is that the dog needs, and this will help you develop the tools to train the dog properly. Quality training will start with the trainer itself, and be followed up by a dog that is willing to please.

For The Better Of The Future

Training a dog is something that is a good call for the future, and you will be glad that you made the choice when you are there. The training that the dog gets will allow this dog to be a part of your family in a positive way, and you will have far less difficulty with the dog understanding what you expect of them on a daily basis. A good dog does not necessarily mean a trained dog, but you can bet that a trained dog will be easier to deal with.

Sandra Dobson writes dog training related articles for the Good Dog Training Books website at

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Many people will train their dog for various sporting events such as Frisbee catching or obstacle races, then there are some that get into the show dog training aspect of it all. This is where your dog will be showcased as a class breed according to the AKC or CKC, and they will be judged for their appearance and demeanor. This is something that is extremely popular, and you will find some of the best dogs in the world are being trained to partake in such events around the world. This is a wonderful way for your dog to show their stuff, and you never know you could actually see your dog with the ribbon one day.


One of the most important aspects of the show dog training is composure. This is the demeanor that the dog is going to carry in the ring, when they are being viewed by the judge and the audience alike. When they are being checked over, they are expected to stay calm and collected. They will have their eyes and ears looked over, and the judge will look over the dog’s teeth. This is when the dog must behave the most, as it would be an immediate fail if the dog reacted poorly to the judge handling them in this manner. If the dog cannot be trained to keep their composure, they will not be permitted to enter any one the contests that they are training for.

Following Commands

Show dog training means that the dog is going to have to pay close attention to the commands that are given when they are given. If the dog should fail to follow a command by either the handler or the judge, they will not be able to proceed in the event. The commands will be simple and direct, and if the dog is to go anywhere within the show circuit they are going to need to excel at this aspect. There is no room for error in this field, and your dog should be trained to understand this idea. The judge in this type of event has no patience for a dog that is unruly, so this is something that trainers pay particularly close attention too. This will ensure that the dog will not fall behind the pack, due to a misunderstanding. The dog will be trained to succeed, so they must now prove what they have learned.

Walking, Trotting, And Standing Tall

Show dog training will incorporate a few very basic yet critical practices when they are in their program. This means that sitting, standing, and any form of walking or trotting, will be done so with great pride and integrity. All of these actions will be used quite frequently when in a show, so it is vital for these to be worked on diligently with the trainers. There are very few trainers that will forego this type of training for something else early on, so you can expect that the dog will get a full schedule of it.

Sandra Dobson writes dog training related articles for the Good Dog Training Books website at

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