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If you want to effectively train your dog, you must remember that dogs have personalities as well. This means that each dog is different. This is why dogs like and do things that seem un-dog like. For example, my friend’s dog likes bananas. It’s not like he was starving his dog or something. The dog just liked bananas. My point is that the techniques that we share with you will work differently with each dog because every dog has a different personality. So here are some of the pet care and training techniques you will learn.


Effective Dog Training


Your dog’s world is one of smells and action. They do not understand language like we do. So when you start training your puppy or dog, he may not respond to your command or praise. If this is the case, then you need to start using physical praise along with verbal praise for a few months. The physical praise can be in the form of a treat or petting. When your dog starts associating sounds like “Good Girl” or “Good Dog” with the treat, he will learn to recognize it later. After a while, you will notice that he responds to your voice.


Dog Training Using Praise


Your dog loves Praise and Attention. As odd as it may sound, dogs will do anything to get their master’s love and attention. Let me give you an example. A friend once came to me complaining about his mischievous dog. His dog would grab things like shoes and hats then run away with them. He would chew up slippers and shoes even though my friend bought him a variety of toys and treats. His dog would still be a nuisance.


What my friend did not realized is that the dog was trying to get his attention. He never praised his dog when he was doing the things he wanted him to do, such as playing with his toys. Therefore, the dog did things that caused my friend to yell and shout. Always remember to praise your dog for things that you want him to do and ignore him when he does the opposite.


Dog Training Using Toys


You don’t need to spend a small fortune buying toys for your dog. You can practically use anything as a toy. For example, you could use a small plastic bottle, an empty baby powder box, or a cardboard roll from toilet paper. Then categorize the toys into groups.


Category one toys are the ones he likes. Category two toys are the ones he loses interest in quickly. Category one toys are to be used in your dog training methods. Note: Interactive toys are the ones that require you to play with your dog. However, the isolation ones are those that he plays with by himself.


The toys should be put away after play is over and not left lying around. The toys lose their value if they are left lying around. Remember: Never pull a toy from your dog’s  mouth. Let him take his time, chew it, and  leave it.


Dog Training In Public Places


During your dog training sessions, your dog9 may exhibit fear or aggression when meeting strangers. You should discourage such behavior. Stop him by saying a firm “No”  and pat or praise him when he stops. If your dog displays fear, be a little gentler with the “No,” but be firm. With a growling dog, be much more emphatic and stern with your “No!” However, always show love and affection when dog training.

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Bird dog training starts at an early age in the puppy’s life, otherwise, the ‘education’ will be slow and less successful. It initially relies on going through regular obedience training, as the puppy dog has to learn ‘whoa’ (stop), ‘come’ and ‘heel’. It’s absolutely necessary that the dog obeys the ‘whoa’ command no issue how far from you it may be or what it may be doing. You will not have the ability to shoot any kind of birds otherwise. But this really is only along with the daily benefits of behavior dog training in general.

As soon as your dog masters the stop command, you could just correct other actions every time necessary. Obviously the reward system sets issues in motion, for bird dog training. Right after your dog performs the task, it should be rewarded either with affection or with food. Pay attention to the fact that some breeds possess innate hunting abilities, and they make the finest choice for bird hunting. Once the instinct is greater naturally, it becomes a great deal simpler to coach it.

Bird dog training differs based on breed and trainer. The training as such begins through motivating the puppy dog to search for food that’s invisible in the handler’s pocket. This assists your dog make fantastic use of its nose and learn from an early age that it is honored for doing a great job. As soon as you start with food, the next step is live game bird. A caged bird will make dog get acquainted with what is anticipated from it. Numerous games may be used to encourage the pointing conduct in puppies.

A major part of bird dog training includes getting the animal used to the gunfire sound. The training method is to gradually expose the puppy dog to ever louder sounds. You should teach until it grows accustomed to it and no longer responds adversely. After all, there’s no way for a timid dog to turn into a hunter for that simple reason that it will take flight whenever hearing the bang. In case you don’t have time, means and experience to coach your dog in your own home, there are lots of training centers to move to.

Specialized dog training could conserve you against lots of difficulty, nevertheless, it is important for that master to take part at least to some of the training periods so that the puppy/dog and master learn to speak and work together. The trainer should leave you in charge, simply because along with giving your dog the right commands, it is also important to possess a leader’s perspective. Therefore, your dog will understand you as the dominant alpha dog, and will adhere to your lead. There is not one other way for it!

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