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Dog (Eyewitness Books) Dog

Text and photographs highlight the evolutionary history of dogs their domestication anatomy behavior and breeds and offer guidance on dog care and training.Title DogAuthor Clutton-Brock JulietPublisher Dk PubPublication Date 20040802Number of Pages 72Binding Type HARDCOVERLibrary of Congress a hrefhttplccn.loc.govbl2005013324 targetLibrary of Congressbl2005013324a

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A timeless container for any environment. Fill with soil, plant, and enjoy. Rolled rim makes pot easy to pick up, easy to move. Drainage holes protect plants from excess water. Timeless, elegant design and precise color match make these pots indistinguishable from natural stoneware. Saucer sold separately. Contains: Plastic.

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The Art of Raising a Puppy (Revised Edition)
For more than thirty years the Monks of New Skete have been among America’s most trusted authorities on dog training, canine behav…

How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond
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Potty Bells Housetraining Dog Doorbells for Potty Training :: High Quality Doggie Doorbell That Comes With Complimentary Instructional Guide :: Black
Hate Barking? Want an easier, better way for your dog to communicate? With Potty Bells, no more barking when it’s time to go potty…

Fired Up, Frantic, and Freaked Out: Training the Crazy Dog from Over the Top to Under Control
“I’m loving it! Laura has managed not only to write a clear and incredibly important book, she’s really funny too! Her way of …

Dog training equipments are of real importance to a dog trainer as without equipments it is hard to train a dog efficiently with in a stipulated time. You may be a good trainer who have enormous tenacity and patience and may be experienced too but it is a matter of fact that it will take more time in comparison to a special training where proper dog training equipments are used along with guidance. Here are some special dog training tools and equipments which are very popular and effective in deed-



Collars are very popular and effective. Wide varieties of collars are used like spoke, chain, electric, shock etc.  are used. All these collars have different use and you must have fair idea before trying a collar. It may not be that you spend some amount for collar and it will do the rest for you. It is just a tool or rather equipment which enhances training. Nylon, fabric or leather can be used as the base material for a collar.


It is very much like collars and can be used as an alternative of collar. You may also use both of them at the same time together. The main use of harness is pulling a dog backward. When harness is used the entire pressure is distributed evenly. So the neck of the dog is not injured at any case.


It is used as an alternative of collar. It creates a loop inside dog’s neck and makes the use of collar optional. But when the dog is aggressive or ferocious leash are of very much required. You may restrict the dog from doing anything ridiculous.


Muzzle prevents a dog from biting someone. Some dogs own the habit of unnecessary biting. It creates a cover in front of dog’s mouth and prevents it from biting something. You can wide variety of muzzles in the market and depending on the shape or material you can choose the best suitable one for your puppy.


It is training equipment too which can be used as an alternative of collar. Halter is tied to the back of muzzle and forces the dog to change its movement depending upon trainers’ requirement. This equipment is very worthy and in the long run makes a dog understand the value of any instruction shouted by either by trainer or you. So to make your dog obedient you have to take help of dog training equipments.


There are several other equipments like bait pouch can be used for some specific purpose. Before you choose any equipment make sure that you will be able to use it with your own. You may take help of an expert and ask him/her what dog training equipment to use and when.

Dog training equipment is very important for training dogs. If you are looking for more dog training equipments follow the link.

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If you are a dog owner you know that you love your dog no differently than any other member of your family and just like other members of your family there are times when they make mistakes too. Just like people your dog no matter whether he’s a Poodle, a Chihuahua or a German Shepherd, he is not perfect and never will be. Even knowing this, there are probably times when you are going to want to explode and start screaming and yelling at him. Here you will find a few things that might help you discipline your little buddy with love and patience instead of losing your cool.

First thing you need to understand that your dog does not behave badly deliberately. Although it actually might look like it, they aren’t. They have a dogs mind and a dogs mind does not think in the same manner as our human minds. They do not do things out of spite and they also don’t hold any grudges that would make them do something just out of revenge. Most things that they do wrong can be traced back to several different things. One would be not enough exercise, weak human leadership, being bored, they are in pain or there is some underlying medical condition they can’t express to you.

As soon as you catch your dog doing something you consider is wrong you need to immediately redirect his attention to something more positive. He is not going to understand he’s done something wrong if you wait to point it out to him after the fact. When you catch him doing something wrong get his attention and clap your hands and say “Uh uh!” really loud. If that makes him stop and look at you, you should wait a couple of seconds and then tell him to come and reward him by telling him how good he is. This way you can give him something better to do after you have his attention.

Once you have shown your dog what he shouldn’t be doing it is up to you to teach him what you want him to do. If you do that enough he’s going to get the idea of what is good and what is bad for him to be doing. It shouldn’t take very long for him to understand this unless of course the bad thing he is doing makes him feel good then you might have a problem, like getting into the trash really might be something that is fun. Simply put the trash somewhere he can’t find it and that should stop that issue.

It is important that your discipline is not lengthy, we tend to make our discipline far longer than the praise that we give and with a dog it should be just the opposite. The discipline you give should never outlast the praise. Always try to make the praise worth the effort to obey your wishes. Making the discipline excessively long is only going to make it harder to train him not to do it.

If you see that when you go to discipline your little guy he goes running off to his favorite spot in the house or to his bed, you should just let him do so. What this means is that he truly understands the fact that he just got in trouble. So your job is over, you did what needed to be done and he knows that what he did was wrong. Just leave it at that.

You really need to try and find out what is the reason for your dog and his misbehavior. It may be as simple as the fact he doesn’t understand that it’s wrong and doesn’t quite realize what all the rules are of the home. You need to be as consistent as you possibly can be in order for him to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. Be patient and love your dog, even when he makes mistakes, after all he continues to love you when you make mistakes.

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