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It seems that every where you look today, someone is offering advice on obedience dog training–there are numerous programs on television offering dog training courses and books and magazines are loaded with information and quick tips to training an obedient dog.

We all know that a well trained, obedient dog is a pleasure to be around, more so than a dog that is not obedient. But, even with all the abundance of information available, many people who own a dog do not take the time to train the dog. Then when the dog exhibits doggy behavior that the owners do not approve of, they become intolerant of the dog.

An example of this would be– if you have a puppy in the backyard digging holes because the puppy is alone all day, needing attention. The puppy should not be put in this position and then expected to just sit quietly all day, waiting for someone to come home and pay some attention to it. Is digging a trait of the breed? Some dogs dig more than others. Boredom causes dogs to dig, whine, bark or chew.

It is important to remember that dogs are born with a canine brain. They are pack animals and have a need of companionship–not isolation. They are usually full of life and fun as puppies, but they do not understand what is expected of them, unless they are trained. All dogs love to learn and they want to please their human companions. Dogs need to learn.

Left untrained, many breeds develop obnoxious behaviors and then their owners decide this puppy/dog is not cute anymore and get rid of it. Is this fair to the dog? All dogs deserve better than this. This is where responsible ownership comes into play.

There are many wonderful dogs in shelters that were abandoned or left at the shelters because of their behavior. These dogs are just waiting for someone to love and train them properly. It is so much easier to re-home a dog if that dog has had the benefit of obedience training. All dogs need to be leash trained and come when they are called.

There are many professional dog trainers, in most areas. Many animal shelters offer training classes at reasonable fees, if you do not have the time or temperament to train your dog yourself. If you do train your dog yourself, you will both benefit as your bond will become stronger. And getting to know your dog and spend extra time with him/her is so much fun and rewarding. If you have the patience–training is not done by yelling, jerking or hitting your dog. Fear does not train!

If you are considering getting a “first” dog or adding another one to the family, do some research on the breed you are wanting. Getting to know their traits early on will help you to understand their doggy behavior. Each dog has a different personality, just like people. They also have many different facial expressions–just like people. It is easy to see when your dog is happy or sad. 

Your dog will be your very best friend–always loyal and always there for you. To repay that devotion and loyalty, give your dog the best obedience training available. 

Obedience Dog Training can be a challenge, but with proper instruction you can have an Obedient Dog!
Have fun with your dog as you both enjoy the training experience. This is fun and easy. Train your dog at home. Sparrow Darling helps to re-home dogs with this training advice.

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If you were given the choice between spending around $ 40 on a dog training manual or spending hundreds of dollars for the services of a professional dog trainer to get virtually the same results which would you choose? If you have the spare time and the desire to learn some new things then you can train your dog every bit as effectively as a professional can.

As a dog owner myself I know full well how frustrating it can be when dogs show poor behavior and are disobedience. Try as we might to break our dogs of these bad habits it can be a maddening exercise in futility and lead to great frustration when they continue. Some people even give up and get rid of their dogs, which is always very sad to hear.

By using a reputable dog training manual created by a professional dog trainer even someone that is a dog owner for the first time can effectively teach their dog obedience, proper behavior and how to follow commands. These dog training manuals are available to buy on the Internet and are instantly accessed in the form of an e-book and instructional videos.

Sure, it is possible to surf around on the Internet to pick up bits and pieces of information that can help you to train your dog but that is a scattershot approach and is definitely not the way you want to go about learning how to train your dog properly. Fortunately for us there is a highly respected dog training manual available online called Secrets to Dog Training.

It is authored by a professional dog trainer and contains dog training techniques coupled along with real-life case studies. The publication is in the form of an e-book that you can read right on your computer screen or downloaded to your computer and then print it out as a hard copy to take with you anywhere you wish. It also comes with a 30 minute instructional video that shows different dog training methods in action.

Not only is it an advantage to purchase a dog training manual online because of the cost savings and convenience of training a dog from your home, but there are other benefits as well. Chief among them is the fact that because you are actually doing the dog training in your home the lessons will be more effective because that is in fact the environment in which the dog lives.

A quality dog training manual will walk the dog owner through the necessary techniques in a step-by-step fashion that will in fact make that person a proficient dog trainer in their own right. It basically becomes a transfer of knowledge and there are no prior skills necessary to learn how to be an effective dog trainer.

They also allow you to focus on any area that may require your immediate attention such as how to stop a dog from barking, biting, doing their business in the house, etc., etc. The true beauty of an effective dog training manual is in its simplicity. The benefits of being able to customize your training lessons cannot be overstated.

And when everything is said and done you are going to have a much happier and healthier dog on your hands. To say nothing about how happy you are going to be with your dog’s exemplary behavior. You can even have some fun and teach them some cool tricks. It is all up to you… and the investment in time and money will be paid back to you exponentially.

Get more information on how you can train your dog every bit as good as the pros using an inexpensive online dog training manual when you visit

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