Procurement training has evolved over the last decade both in publicly available courses and in-house corporate training. There are foundation courses available for entry level staff through to leadership skills training for Chief Procurement Officers. There are new competencies that are needed for future success and new task areas where additional skills will be needed. Training is available in these important areas:

Supplier Relationship Management. Interaction between suppliers, your company and your customers is vital to a streamlined supply chain and building sustainable relationships will ensure continuity of supply.
Cost reduction methodologies and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It is increasingly obvious that the first cost of an item is not fully reflective of the full cost over the useful life of the item. The ability to break down the should-cost of an item or commodity can be taught.
Supplier Evaluation, Quality and Development. Supplier partnerships and relationship building will be key to keeping competitive. Evaluating suppliers on responsiveness to customer complaints, on-time delivery, rejected or substandard items, fulfilling warranties and other quality measures is a requirement which needs to be recorded and managed
Setting Key Performance Indicators for Suppliers. Only events and activities that can be measured can be managed. Training on how to manage supplier performance through the setting of targets for the supplier is available and can be customized to the commodity being sourced.
E-Procurement. Reverse auctions are being used extensively for repetitive items using an on-line bidding process on the internet. Courses are available to learn about the advantages of e-procurement and how to use the systems and methodologies that support it.
Contract management. Often, this is an area that is poorly understood by procurement professionals and legal support is brought in to assist. Learning and understanding more about different contracting methods saves time and money for organizations.
With the advert of low cost country sourcing and increasing trade across borders, training is needed on issues relating to language, currencies and cultural norms. In addition, financial literacy is increasingly needed as international trade financing and importing can be quite complex.

Programs can be designed for internal use within your company and customized to suit your company’s needs with “tailor-made” training sessions. Advanced training can cover elements such as supplier selection, operational and sourcing key performance indicators, cost reduction methodologies, contract development and low cost country sourcing. Procurement training can cover both traditional procure-to-pay operations as well as strategic sourcing.

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