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It seems that every where you look today, someone is offering advice on obedience dog training–there are numerous programs on television offering dog training courses and books and magazines are loaded with information and quick tips to training an obedient dog.

We all know that a well trained, obedient dog is a pleasure to be around, more so than a dog that is not obedient. But, even with all the abundance of information available, many people who own a dog do not take the time to train the dog. Then when the dog exhibits doggy behavior that the owners do not approve of, they become intolerant of the dog.

An example of this would be– if you have a puppy in the backyard digging holes because the puppy is alone all day, needing attention. The puppy should not be put in this position and then expected to just sit quietly all day, waiting for someone to come home and pay some attention to it. Is digging a trait of the breed? Some dogs dig more than others. Boredom causes dogs to dig, whine, bark or chew.

It is important to remember that dogs are born with a canine brain. They are pack animals and have a need of companionship–not isolation. They are usually full of life and fun as puppies, but they do not understand what is expected of them, unless they are trained. All dogs love to learn and they want to please their human companions. Dogs need to learn.

Left untrained, many breeds develop obnoxious behaviors and then their owners decide this puppy/dog is not cute anymore and get rid of it. Is this fair to the dog? All dogs deserve better than this. This is where responsible ownership comes into play.

There are many wonderful dogs in shelters that were abandoned or left at the shelters because of their behavior. These dogs are just waiting for someone to love and train them properly. It is so much easier to re-home a dog if that dog has had the benefit of obedience training. All dogs need to be leash trained and come when they are called.

There are many professional dog trainers, in most areas. Many animal shelters offer training classes at reasonable fees, if you do not have the time or temperament to train your dog yourself. If you do train your dog yourself, you will both benefit as your bond will become stronger. And getting to know your dog and spend extra time with him/her is so much fun and rewarding. If you have the patience–training is not done by yelling, jerking or hitting your dog. Fear does not train!

If you are considering getting a “first” dog or adding another one to the family, do some research on the breed you are wanting. Getting to know their traits early on will help you to understand their doggy behavior. Each dog has a different personality, just like people. They also have many different facial expressions–just like people. It is easy to see when your dog is happy or sad. 

Your dog will be your very best friend–always loyal and always there for you. To repay that devotion and loyalty, give your dog the best obedience training available. 

Obedience Dog Training can be a challenge, but with proper instruction you can have an Obedient Dog!
Have fun with your dog as you both enjoy the training experience. This is fun and easy. Train your dog at home. Sparrow Darling helps to re-home dogs with this training advice. http://www.obediencedogtraining.addgs.com

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A well behaved dog is a source of pride and comfort not only to you but also for your favorite puppy. A healthy dog is a well trained dog and your dog looks to you to show him how to behave in all situations. Dog obedience training and in particular training your dog to heel off the leash is discussed below and this article offers tips for you to implement in your dog training.

Training your dog to heel off the leash ensures that when you take off the leash, your dog does not run off leaving you in the dust chasing after your dog yelling for him to come back. It trains your dog to remain at your side even when you remove the leash. Other people do not want to be accosted by your dog when you remove the leash. This is one of the important areas that dog obedience training in needed since dogs need and thrive on exercise and taking the dog for invigorating walks is crucial for your puppy’s overall health and growth.

The first steps in dog obedience training when you are training your dog to heel off the leash is to take your puppy off the leash. The next step is to walk in a straight line. If you angle towards your dog, this will only cause him to heel wide.

The next step in this dog training is to walk at a brisk pace and not at the pace being maintained by your dog. Remember as you are walking briskly not to wave your hands about. Ensure that you keep and maintain your left hand very close to your body during this dog training.

When giving a command to your dog, use a jovial voice and tone to convey to the dog that you are in a great mood. A bad mood is not conducive to effective dog training and your dog will be able to feel your tension and stress and react to that and not your commands. If you are in a bad mood, postpone any dog training for another day.

Call your puppy’s name or use a commanding tone when the dog wonders or if he does not maintain the same walking pace as you. After you give a second command, pat your side gently and offer praise to your dog. When training a dog, it is important to praise often so that your dog knows the behaviors that he needs to display in order to get praise and/or a treat. Dogs thrive with praise.

Especially during the beginning phases of this dog training, your dog will dart off and you need to remember not to chase after him but to stand still when he does this. Use your left hand to signal back and then repeat the heel command with force and then follow by coaxingly patting your side.

With this dog training, it is important that the leash is folded twice and placed in your right hand. If your puppy is inattentive, loudly call his name, reach out and playfully spank him (light spank!) on his hindquarters using the end of the leash. Follow this by coaxing your dog to return to your side by patting your side gently.

In the beginning phase, you may fail to train your dog to maintain a heel position by your side. In these cases, put the leash back on and give the leash one jerk to keep your puppy close to you. Changing your voice, followed by praise or a treat and the occasional use of the leash, will ensure that your dog starts to adopt appropriate behavior and remain at your side at all times.

Dogs are pack animals and respect the hierarchy in any social setting so it is your job to convey to your dog that you are the leader and he must obey you. This is conveyed effectively through dog obedience training. Much as you would train your children how to behave and what you expect of them to be considered a good parent, you need to do the same for your dog to be considered a good dog owner. Just as boundaries and limits need to be set for children, they need to be set for your dog as well.

Please visit my website on dog obedience training which offers a great resource on overcoming behavioral problems exhibited by dogs such as barking, separation anxiety, grass eating, aggression and so forth in addition to leash training. All the common problems in behavior are dealt with in detail as well as obedience commands and tricks at http://www.wellbehaveddog.info.

When you first get a puppy there is so many things to teach them. Everything you teach a puppy is part of Dog Obedience Training. Anything from housebreaking to not chewing on the furniture falls under obedience training. You have to teach your puppy how to grow up to be a dog that other people can love being around not just you. Here are 5 tips to help you with the training process.

Housebreaking is a matter of you watching your dog and knowing when they need to go outside to potty. Unless you are crate training your puppy they have run of the house, so you don’t want the puppy going to the bathroom on your carpet. So develop a schedule for taking the puppy outside until it learns to tell you in someway that they need to go out. This does eventually happen even in the most hard-headed of breeds.

To keep your puppy from chewing on the furniture provide them their own chew toys. This was if you catch them gnawing on your favorite chair, you tell them no firmly and then hand them one of their chew toys. They soon get the idea.

When doing leash training, make sure to have the right size collar for the dog for one thing. A small dog does not need an overly wide collar. The retractable leashes are a great tool these days, because you can adjust how far you allow your pup to get from you. Use a light hand when walking your pup on the leash until they get used to it. It is common for them to pull against you at first. If you yak on the too hard you could hurt your puppy.

Do not play too aggressively with your puppy, because you could teach them behavior that may lead them to bite someone. This is easy to forget about when they look so cute grabbing their toys from your hand trying to get it away from you. If you do a tug of war with them this good lead to aggressive behavior as they grow up, and could lead to a child or adult getting attacked or bit.

Something that is quite annoying to several people is dogs jumping up on them. Even when they are dog lovers people aren’t always comfortable with a dog jumping into their laps or jumping up for attention. So it takes repeated times of telling your puppy to sit to get them to quit the jumping up. If you own an overly enthusiastic breed this can be harder to accomplish. Terriers of various kinds can be a challenge in this area.

Through these 5 tips on Dog Obedience Training you can train your dog to do some important basics in proper behavior. Hopefully these 5 tips will help you easier understand how to go about training you cute new pup, so that you always love it and enjoy being with it. Remember proper training of a dog makes the dog easy to like by all people who come in contact with it on a regular basis.

In Closing,The best thing you can do is to spend some time getting to know your dogs habits,So you can understand how to go about training your pup.To Learn More About Dog Training Go To: http://www.dogtrainingforrookies.com/

Training your dog to be obedient is a big task. It requires a lot of time, a lot of patience and a kind attitude towards the flurry friend. As a dog owner you want your pet to act as you tell them to. If you are a professional trainer or a dog owner you will want the dog to listen to your commands. There are a handful of tips from other professional and certified trainers around you that can help you achieve this.

General Dog Obedience Training

A healthy relationship between an owner and his dog truly exists when the pet obeys the owner’s commands. This does not happen over night. It takes a different form of communication to train a dog. Our canine friend do not understand our language therefore there will be considerable work to train it. A dog whisperer attains this title after quite a hard work, consistency and patience.

Few of the dog obedience training tips mentioned below can help you in training your pet.

Reward your pet when it does something correctly. This will motivate him to do repeat the same action again. Eventually it will become a habit. Your dog will realize that when he obeys the owner they will be rewarded with a treat.

It takes time for your pet to learn what you are saying and what you want expect it to do for you. Simply telling him or her once will not get the desired results. It requires repetitiveness and patience to teach a dog.

Make things simple for your flurry friend. Start with a simple task that he can master and then slowly work your way up as he learns. As you move on to the more complex tasks, break it down into steps. Eventually your beloved canine will learn each step and master the task.

Training Dog’s Aggressiveness

Many dog owners see their dog’s aggressive behavior as a negative thing. It doesn’t have to be negative if the aggression is justifiable and controllable. Sometimes, aggression can actually teach you what is wrong with your pet. With aggressive behavior your dog could be telling you that they are sick or that there is something wrong. However, a dog that is too submissive or too aggressive is not healthy and both should be worked on.

Figure out what is the cause of an aggressive behavior. Remove the cause if it is genuinely harmful or bad for your dog.

Avoid actions that upset your pet and actions that cause him to become aggressive.

If your dog is overly aggressive and is uncontrollable, isolate him in a separate room. This will send him a message that what he is doing is not allowed

House Training of Your Dog

House training your dog is a part of obedience training. Remember, canines always keep their sleeping area clean. When your dog needs to eliminate they will start to sniff the floor or start to move in a circle. The following tips may help you to house train your pet.

Make a schedule of eating and drinking routine of your dog. Soon, you will know the timings of his bathroom needs. This way you can teach your pet to go to a specific area to do it.

Constantly remind your dog of where he is allowed to go. Be consistent. Bring him to the same location where he eliminates previously and he will learn eventually.

If you catch your dog urinating or eliminating, give a big shout “NO”. He will realize what it just did was wrong.

When you are training your dog you need to stay positive. It will be frustrating at times but don’t take it out on the animal. This will only hinder the training. Never hit or hurt your pet. Stay calm and be patient with your dog as you are training him and he will learn everything you are teaching him.

Dog training should always be short, simple and fun. Learn more about dog commands as well as why crate training a dog is a practical and efficient way to house-train your dog and protect the home at the same time.

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