Preview Clip DVD Title: Science Based Training Presenter: Ian Dunbar Full DVD available at: Predict & Prevent Adolescent/Adult Problems Many dog owners and …
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3 Responses to Dog training – Science Based Training – Ian Dunbar

  • Bastarden says:

    I find that nothing can beat the pure joy of teaching a puppy what’s right.
    When I realize “…hey, this dog is well behaved, he’s a great
    housepet…and I guided him to be like this!”. I like training with older
    dogs because you can use more speed and physical reward that some dogs LOVE
    such as spinning them round in a toy etc…but a puppy being trained is my

  • WestChesterMike says:

    nope, not in the DNA

  • SGKeiana says:

    rofl, it’s weird, I’d rather work with older dogs over puppies anyday. xD


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