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Teaching a dog to swim should be a positive experience for everyone. Teach a dog to swim with tips from a dog trainer in this free video about pet behavior. …
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25 Responses to Dog Training – Steps for Competition Heeling

  • Steph Toms says:

    My dog is scared of water, baths, the tap, anything. If she is in water she
    will run out of the water.

    Do you have any other tips? Also she doesn’t have dog friends here that
    like to swim.

  • DannyG5749 says:

    @KottnMouth29 hahaha same with my sheltie hes doesnt like water i take him
    outside to shower him and he gets anxious and nervous and everything

  • duffrageous says:

    @1234isnard All dogs can swim but if it has arthritis, be very careful that
    you don’t aggravate the condition.

  • HAMSTERlover65 says:

    i dragged my poor dog in the water and taught him to paddle. now he loves it

  • Reece Wilson says:

    i thought it was nutural for a dog to swim

  • Bernie Jean Jones says:


  • carene16 says:

    @TheDubDoubt not all dogs can swim instinctively, my BC fell in the pool
    when he was 13 weeks and almost drowned. I also know that Staffys have a
    tendency to sink due to muscle mass and the positioning of the back legs.
    they have to be taught to swim.

  • Elysha Lee says:

    wat about wen ur dog is afraid and doesnt want to go anywher near the

  • rubadux says:

    Great method. We use it — the dogs in my video response were trained this
    way. Never coerce your dog – they got to love the rivers.

  • duffrageous says:

    @MisseyPawsey Dogs instinctively fear the unfamiliar. You have to get them
    to overcome their fears to teach them to swim.

  • xfro djalili says:

    trainer is banging fit

  • Compl33tR4nd0mZ says:

    yes but not very well 😀

  • estupidosdemierdable says:


  • 1234isnard says:

    cam a maltese with long “hair” swim? thank you!

  • ney57e says:

    Can a malamute swim?

  • duffrageous says:

    @InamurasZ Throw a ball in or give her a cookie.

  • blueplatypus707 says:

    bring some hot dog or chicken then pick your dog up, gently place him in
    water, and Use praise when he is in the water (good boy, good girl, great
    job) the deeper it is the more treats and praise the dog gets.

  • Melanie Kelley says:

    Lol im trying to train my dog lexi

  • chase simon says:

    how old does the dog have to be

  • MisseyPawsey says:

    Dog’s cannot be taught to swim…. It’s an instinct

  • neega heega says:

    can japanese spitz swim

  • Leon McCollum says:

    i have a german shepard/rotweiler mix hes never seen a pool in his life
    ,from what i hear tehy know how to swim automatically ,were takeing him to
    swim soon i hope he can do it

  • Ashley Carroll says:

    my dog doesnt stay out of the water i dident teach him he just loves to
    swim i keep a vest on him when were in areas with a current

  • LPSTOTALLYROCK0619 says:

    @NocturnalXLight maybe you should try sit its one of the easiest tricks and
    the first trick most dog knows. i taught my cousin’s dog down, and they
    taught it to sit and shake. Hes about 4 months old.

  • GovVision says:

    @13harjot hahahaha


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