Using a pheasant wing to work during the off season on pointing and retrieving.
Video Rating: 3 / 5 If you’re looking to become a dog trainer there are many ways to do so. Dog training is unregulated and although you don’t need any formal education to start a dog…

20 Responses to Dog Training – Teaching a pointer to point and retrieve


    AHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a dog is poing

  • Leverquin says:

    is it hard to train brittany

  • fullofawesomeness37 says:

    @kleinermunsterlande You obviously didn’t know either, otherwise you would
    have said earlier that they are the same, stop trying to sound smarter than
    you actually are, oh yeah and swearing doesn’t get you anywhere in life.

  • kleinermunsterlande says:

    @fullofawesomeness37 Nope and nothing…

  • kleinermunsterlande says:

    @taylorbrooks99 It’s a Breton. French breed.

  • laughatwhatever says:

    I got a crazy britt.. just wants to play only.. just doesnt want to point..
    she’ll see birds and just run.. I don’t like it =[ lol

  • First Last says:

    Nice Brittany. Looks like a lot of time has been put in. Over kill on the
    whoa though. Dog did awesome without a command. Nice retrieve too.

  • ranmadori says:

    @namelessliar Brittanys point too 🙂

  • Kara Helgeson says:

    that was sweet

  • michfan7804 says:

    my 11 week old brittany rarley points, even with our pheasant wing, any
    tips on how to fix this and do you think that itll come later in life.

  • IggyThePup says:

    I dont think your training her right…. you need to take her up to a
    field. Get a box of pigeons and shoot them, get her to retrieve them. To
    get them to point you put a dead bird on the ground, and show them how they
    should look when they’re pointing.

  • parkesy82 says:

    Good video and a lovely dog. Don’t worry about the guys complaining, they
    probably think they are being helpful. I’ve seen plenty of dogs, and older
    experienced hunting dogs that were so bird crazy they’d point any upland
    bird whether by sight or smell. A very steady dog you have there too!

  • joe akiki says:

    fuck this is dog training ??????!!!@@ wtf

  • theblueteam10 says:

    and wheres the “teaching”? I just saw a dog standing on hardwood floors

  • kleinermunsterlande says:

    @fullofawesomeness37 You had to look them up and I’m the idiot?? Dumbass!!

  • mustang99190 says:

    what breed is that?

  • Scott Beije says:

    one good dog!

  • Jeffreese01 says:

    Very nice , she looks like my dog AKITA. They are the Best!

  • panzertoo says:

    great video

  • Adiraja Cholwell says:

    It’s completely uncomfortable if your canine keeps jumping on people.


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