Showing true dog psychology of how to overcome this puppies fear of human interaction. During this session while filming we had a major breakthrough. For the…
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Using pigeons as positive reinforcement we start training Rooster to be steady to wing. We have found this method of training is easy on young dogs, and make…
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13 Responses to DOG TRAINING TIP: How to Train an anti-social dog using ‘dog psychology’

  • wvb628 says:

    uses pidgin as pointer

  • Claudia Hone says:

    Excellent clip!
    I’ll tell you some great hints, tricks, and instruction that will help you
    turn your dog into the best behaved, most joyful, running, jumping,
    slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted

  • sardar munir says:

    nice video , If anyone else is Searching the top hints for training their
    dog try banfan turbo dog trainer (should be on google have a look)? Ive
    heard some amazing things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  • Willow Creek Kennels says:

    Rooster is 5 months old in this video. We start as early as 8 weeks with
    this process, but be sure the bird flies away from the dog to stimulate
    prey drive and not fear.

  • Willow Creek Kennels says:

    That’s a matter of perspective. Some feel strongly about doing things the
    classic way and some like to utilize modern technology. We don’t feel that
    using an e collar ruins a dog, rather, it aides as a learning tool that
    allows for faster learning, better consistency and more control.

  • Willow Creek Kennels says:

    @StonefaceKennel Thanks for the feedback. We have a tour of the kennel on
    our video to-do-list!

  • Willow Creek Kennels says:

    @340bowtechRage This is something that is done in typically for a short
    time before transitioning to the field. It all depends on your dog though.

  • phl2bk says:

    It’s like a clown car, with all the pigeons he’s pulling out of that sack

  • Willow Creek Kennels says:

    Rooster is a German Shorthaired Pointer.

  • ss109guy says:

    How old was that dog or how old do you recommend to start intro to birds.
    Thanks very much for taking the time to put this out. I really appreciate

  • Cannon1416 says:

    Have the Americans all breeds ruined with electric collar every dog on line
    from America seems to have a collar on it’s neck .

  • Willow Creek Kennels says:

    @jman432432 Contact a local dog trainer or a shooting preserve. Try talking
    to any local dog clubs and ask where you can find birds. You can also put
    an ad in the paper.

  • sean bouchard says:

    ok idk if this is a werid question but how can i train my gsp to do what
    your doing with rooster? cause i know with the bird around here he go
    crazsy over birds and chase them then i have to tell him to come back and
    yell his name


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