Hula is an agitated little dog, but learns to stop barking and meet others. Dog Whisperer: Caesar & Squatty, and Hula : FRI AUGUST 29 9P et/pt : http://chann…

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41 Responses to Dog Whisperer: Calm Down!

  • funkyrimpler says:

    this talks nonsense. these training methods were the norm 30 years ago,
    even the military use positive reinforcement techniques instead of this
    wolf/dominance/pack crap. to all other dog owners check out channels like
    zak george to see how its really done and make dog training fun and
    productive, and not have to resort to cruelty like prong or Ecollars
    designed to inflict pain and stress on the dog, or using physical force,
    kneeing, poking, smacking etc..
    a relaxed, happy dog will learn x10 faster and help you bond together, and
    also avoid confrontation or the risk of being bitten (as often happens to
    Milan in almost every scenario)..try it, it works, i guarantee it.

  • lekoman says:

    The Golden at 1:43 ish. Teehee.

  • Dean Atkinson says:

    he makes this shit up as he goes along. the only way to stop barking is to
    treat it with positive reinforcement before it happens. I taught my dog
    not to bark at other dogs in a week using positive reinforcement. His leash
    tugging and nipping is meaningless.

  • Santiago Arizti says:

    This lessons sound like common sense, but only once you have seen it. I
    would’ve never guessed the part about “being a calm pack leader”

  • mike cool says:

    fine and dandy how you pick that little pup and distract him. my gsd weighs
    84 lbs and getting bigger. that is exactly what he does when he sees other
    dogs. how do i keep him from doing this. i know he is over protective but
    this is ridiculous.

  • inbredagogo says:

    Cute little dog. Is he a Whippet?

  • Manisha Anamika says:


  • Chris P_2014 says:

    This guys a moron. I bet the dog is so pissed because when the camera was
    off Ceasar told the dog that he was gonna cut him up and put him in a curry!
    Animals cant help being wild at times, its in their nature. Base instinct!
    Fuckin asshole!

  • missky k says:

    He is trying to get the dog calm a submissive a poke or if it’s a bigger a
    quick tap from the heel of your foot to snap them out it come on would much
    rather have to chase the dog down and pry his teeth out of another dog or
    human or a quick tap to his behind :)

  • Doggybudder says:

    I don’t like how some times when a dogs act out or bites him he hits them I
    will hit them but only if I say no and they do it again all you have to do
    is say NO loud and my dogs at least will stop

  • Βασίλης Λούξεμπουργκ says:

    what golden retriever crossbreed is that? i wanna have one…

  • Demo Niq says:

    what is it with these small mutts? 

  • Dogsperts says:

    What a fantastic community work to rehabilitate a dangerous Pitbull
    Terrier!!! And Cesar Millan is amazing as always!

  • Julia L says:

    The golden retriever is such a prince awww too bad im allergic to em

  • Justin Buckner says:

    so, what exactly did this guy do to the dog?

  • Sameer Ali says:

    daddy the greatest pitbull R.I.P

  • Pas1logan says:

    I’ve been watching some of these on TV, and I saw one where Cesar was
    bitten by a dog and he nearly lost his shit. I can’t find it on youtube,
    but I remember the dog looked kind of like a pitbull and Cesar had this
    absolutely menacing look of hatred on his face for a second while he was
    holding his bitten hand.

  • Sourjacks204 says:

    What episode?

  • AlwaysFollowDreams says:

    I got my baby Nala when she was two weeks old. I bottle fed her for a few
    weeks, but when she started getting teeth I switched her to a soft food.
    She is 7 weeks old now and finally big enough for a collar and leash. She
    chews on the leash and refuses to walk. Also we are puppy pad training her
    and she doesn’t yet understand. I am patient with her but my man is not. He
    scolds her and even spanks her for pottying on the floor when I just try my
    hardest to get her to the pad as soon as she squats. She already sits with
    I tell her and I love praising her and giving her treats .

  • mckenzie harrington says:

    I have a pomchi and we live up in the woods so when I walk her that’s where
    we r. When we go she pulls as hard as she can and goes from side to side
    and she doesn’t listen, she is very distracted by everything around her.
    How do I get her to stop because I would eventually like to get to the
    point where we can go without a leash.

  • sharen gibbs says:

    i got a new dog who’s name is theo but he always wants attention and when
    we put him alone he won’t stop crying

  • Jen k says:

    I have a year old lab mix , I need help please! When we are walking he gets
    scared of EVERYTHING! !! He then pulls as hard as he can to run, I have to
    hold uim w all my might so he doesn’t get lose. Please help

  • robert myers says:

    my puppy wont patying in the house

  • Nick Cooper says:

    I have a problem with my puppy. 9 week old putbull puppy. He hates going
    outside. I have tried coaching with treats. using toys. he doesn’t want to
    go outside because he gets cold im guessing. The problem is I think. I got
    him from a family, who were leaving the pups outside with the mom during
    the cold winter nights. now that he has gotten into a warm home. he doesn’t
    like going back outside to potty. what can I do to help him over come his
    fear of the cold?

  • Christina Thornton says:

    my puppy is about 11 weeks old and actually does well on the leash until
    there is a new person present or dogs barking she becomes totally
    distracted and timid and nervous she either stops moving or tries to run
    away. I don’t know how to calm her or get her to listen to me in a
    situation such as that.

  • Cindy Orocio says:

    You look like vitaly. Vitaly? From Vitalyzdtv on YouTube search it up now
    and you’ll see. Oh and btw he does amazing pranks haha lol

  • Carrie 20 says:

    That dog is so adorable!

  • Amanda Bailey says:

    I have a dog how is shy with new people, he tries to run away from them and
    barks at them when I’m walking him. this is more of a problem because I am
    training him to a medical alert service dog, witch he does really well with
    all other parts or his training except this. I’m worried he be to
    frightened in public. what should to make him less terrified of people?

  • Poop Cheto says:

    My dog loves grapes and Chocolate 

  • Shannon Riddle says:

    I have a problem with my two dogs i need help please reply

  • iSugarBunni says:

    my 3 month old puppy picks up/eats everything :L

  • Bobbi Chaney says:

    Please show how to do this work with a beagle or coonhound.

  • Carlos Castro says:

    My 4 month old German shepherd loves to stop and sniff places where other
    dogs have “marked their territory” and won’t stop smelling it lol

  • Austin Ruppanner says:

    Hey Zac, I have been following your advice and I like your methods. I
    have a 12 weeks old Border collie/ Aussie Mix. When we are at the park,
    she works on the leash fairly well. However, when we are at the apartment
    complex and try to take a walk around the complex she sits down and won’t
    move. I don’t know what to do about this issue. Any assistance from you
    or anyone would be helpful.

  • Jose Ayestas says:

    Hi Zak, I have a 5month Chi-poo and she’s terrified to the leash, I put it
    on and start shaking and lay down on the floor and will not move at all, I
    even gave her treats but she won’t even look at it, please help! Thank you.

  • Jessica Wright says:

    I have a 1yr old mini aussie who seems intimidated when i try to get him to
    “look at me” any suggestions? 

  • Lorraine Welsh says:

    My dog pulls when she sees another dog. She plays outside and won’t pee or

  • TheEternalTriumphant says:

    This is all great but I just don’t think I have the skill to go through all
    that just to teach her not to pull. I guess I need training first before I
    can even train her.

  • maggie Maggie lugo says:

    hi zak do you have any video of how to teach my dog not to chase other
    dogs? especially when they are smaller or chihuahuas lol. he even try to
    chase a cow and i don’t know what to do. love your videos and hope you can
    help me

  • MsLady TX says:

    My 4 month puppy, when people greet her she seem scared and sniff a little.
    She love the grass and when walking she try to take off running which cause
    her to pull the she bite at the leash. :-(

  • Eva Rodriguez says:

    Hi Everyone. The puppy in this video has fallen ill. She has severe hip
    dysplasia. I’m made a fundraiser in hopes that anyone who can will donate
    for her hip surgeries. Here is the link,


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