Jacky (Akita) Dog Training Boot Camp Video

Jacky (Akita) graduated from the dog training boot camp at Neuman K-9 Academy. This program included obedience commands to sit, stay, heel or walk on a loose…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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31 Responses to Jacky (Akita) Dog Training Boot Camp Video

  • GanjaClaus says:

    @ 3.23.. Much respect!!.. basically impossible with Akitas

  • adeellime says:


  • panther star says:

    Which type of Akita was this? It looks like the American, but I’m not sure.

  • nadia ilmb says:

    This is incredible. Very brilliant dog. 

  • Fotis Foteinos says:


  • Moses Adenekan says:

    Does she have hip dysplasia when you called her, her hip seemed not right 

  • generalmusharaff says:

    You Geniuses” I need to train my akita pup need some info ”

  • Mitko Zhelyazkov says:

    nice video ,
    If anyone else is learn the best secrets for training their dog
    try banfan turbo dog trainer (Have a quick look on google cant remember the
    place now)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got
    cool results with it. 

  • Kyle Forcer says:

    How did the Akita get along w the other dogs. I want to get one an I’m
    experienced w dogs just not Akitas. Can they be social

  • courtney m says:

    He trys his little heart out to please you, what a cutie

  • websters900 says:

    Dont like the way when he is walking the dog outside the dog is not
    behaving like a dog. it looks as if it is just waiting for the next command
    all the time. Needs to relax

  • still2nd2none says:

    Very nice video. I plan on moving to Animas, NM from Missouri. Will living
    in new Mexico cause problems a Akita?

  • BodourTV says:

    Thanks… 🙂 But its not just the size!

  • Alex Elliot says:

    You should start training an Akita as soon as possible

  • TheSushiandme says:

    Wish our current generation of children were like these dogs. XD

  • 123merto says:

    very nice

  • Joshua Fricke says:

    This is how dog society works. Pack master then pack. Its what they need.
    Play time is during play time and exercise of instruction benefits the dogs
    overall well being. As a dog owner, I have to be pack master and enforce
    obedience and my dog enjoys pleasing me so it is fun for the dog. Without
    me my dog would need a pack master found in nature but here in america
    there is no healthy alternative for me. Being a dog owner is not just a
    answer to companionship but a responsibly to leadership.

  • Richie Bowen says:

    I own both an American and Japanese Akita and yes Americans can be bigger,
    not always. My Japanese Akita is a large Akita at about 50kg. A Shiba Inu
    is not the same as an Akita Inu by the way. Inu just means dog in Japanese.
    Akita’s all came from a place called Akita, so really an American or
    Japanese Akita has to be Japanese, no even the differences in breed still
    are from a Japanese Tosa Inu. Nothing American about an American Akita but
    the name. I like Great Japanese Mountain Dog myself.

  • Anwar Jahid says:

    Hello there! Have you considered Cesario Bad Dog Buster (google it) for dog
    training? Ive heard some super things about it and my mate had excellent
    results with it. 

  • Jordan Hampton says:

    Please help me because my jack russell is crazy

  • Crystal dymand says:

    Please someone help me, my two jack Russell terriers are crazy and one
    chews up under garments and my dad said if I don’t train them, he will sell
    them :(

  • Samantha Wigfall says:


  • SobreIrishPigWarrior says:

    I stopped watching instantly after she grabbed the shock collar! You are
    disgusting. why don’t you wear it and see how it feels stupid bitch. You
    people make me so angry!

  • brendana Wæċċe says:

    remote collar!!! you are a lazy owner if yu need to use a shock collar to
    keep your dogs attention…. pfft! what a joke this video is

  • Aron Daniels says:

    What was the lesson again???

  • Madalynn Ernster says:

    You don’t even teach us what to do

  • Anthony Rodriguez says:

    Help me help my jack russell terrier

  • bflogaltxdl says:

    Anyone with a crazy Jack Russell terrier really needs to find a dog
    trainer. They do have training at the major pet stores if you can’t find
    one on your own. I did this with my 2nd Jack Russell and it made all the

  • benny rosado says:

    nice, i have 3 of them little rascals!!!

  • Jose Rodriguez says:

    ehow to tell you how to train it while showing nothing.

  • rosiethebear300 says:

    Is that a shock collar? Thats fucking abuse if it is. Great way of making a
    dog fearful and distrustful of the world. Way to go lady – you’re brilliant
    (and sadistic)


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